Data management

FIELD has developed a dedicated service for data/measurement management from automatic and manual monitoring systems called WMS (Web Monitoring System).

The electric signals of the instruments are captured by Data Acquisition Units, sent to a Server and, later, imported to a dedicated Database, where they are divided by project, instruments and measurements. Data are later converted into engineering units, validated, processed and represented in graphic and table format.

Main characteristics:

  • display and automated conversion of raw data;
  • manual and automatic data validation;
  • total integration with dynamic, topographic and hydrometeorological systems;
  • configuration of advanced alarms on SMS/e-mail/sirens;
  • display of synoptic tables with interactive status alarms of the instruments;
  • dynamic zoom;
  • user-defined customisation of graphs;
  • settings for various access levels and privileges.

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Data measured by the field-installed instruments are sent by collectors, robotic total stations, Gateways and Dataloggers, via HSPA Internet routers or an Internet network to an FTP Server, and later imported to an SQL Database.

The data are subjected to an initial automatic validation to eliminate measurement peaks and anomalous readings. The data are also transformed into engineering units or values that describe physical phenomena, and are continuously updated by the system itself.

The whole database with data in both graphic and table format (xls), along with comments, if any, is placed at the client’s disposal in the WMS platform.
Data can be downloaded onto the PC, where various access privileges (user, admin.) can also be managed. Moreover, data/measurements can be directly displayed on a Cloud platform with a Full WEB solution, using the most common browsers.

The WMS system can be configured to send alarms via SMS or e–mail to enabled users in the event in which the instruments record values in excess of the established threshold values.

Users may also create dynamic zooms, customise graphic parameters (colours, thickness and line features of the series), or display the status of the entire monitoring network in dedicated Synoptic Tables.

The graphic interface in the WMS platform may contain all project documents, such as photographic collections of the monitoring site, wiring diagrams of the system installed, floor plans with the location of instruments, technical reports, etc..