HS MI-VE Section Treviglio-Brescia
HS MI-VE Section Treviglio-Brescia
HS MI-VE Section Treviglio-Brescia

Cepav 2

Project amount

€ 700.000





Performed activities

76/5000 Supplies and installation of instrumentation for the monitoring of Civil Works

Main technical data
Monitored viaducts 3 units
Vibrating wire strain gages 250 units
Multibase extensometers 6 units
Data loggers 3 units
Fiber optic cable 3 km

The new section of the Treviglio - Brescia High Speed ​​/ High Capacity line is an integral part of the TEN-T Mediterranean Trans European Corridor and constitutes a further stage in the construction of the Milan-Verona high-speed / high-speed line (a total of 140 kilometers), already in operation in the 27 km between Milan and Treviglio, completed and activated in July 2007.

The AV / AC Treviglio - Brescia section extends for 51.4 km, crosses 20 municipalities in the provinces of Milan, Bergamo and Brescia and joins the Brescia junction via the Brescia Ovest interconnection (11.7 km) and the subsequent stretch of urban crossing (6.9 km), alongside the traditional line up to the Brescia station, the latter built directly by the Italian railway network.

The new railway line starts from the interconnection of Treviglio West, in the municipality of Cassano d'Adda, overlaps the Treviglio - Cremona line with the Caravaggio viaduct and, after about 8 km, starts running alongside the motorway under construction Brescia - Bergamo - Milan (Bre.Be.Mi.).

After the Serio and Oglio rivers, passed with two viaducts, the interconnection of Brescia Ovest begins.
The line continues, then, towards Brescia on the San Martino viaduct, goes down into the tunnel in the area of ​​the Madonna di Lovernato, to go up to the countryside and pass through the tunnel under the A4 Milan - Venice motorway.

The work was commissioned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, High Supervision is entrusted to Italferr, both companies of the FS Italiane Group.

The Treviglio - Brescia HS / HC railway line was activated on 11 December 2016, in compliance with the contractually agreed times and costs.

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