Bisagno Torrent - Genova
Bisagno Torrent - Genova
Bisagno Torrent - Genova
Bisagno Torrent - Genova
Bisagno Torrent - Genova


Project amount

€ 450.000





Performed activities

Design, supply, installation and data management on WMS platform

Main technical data
Crackmeters 70 unit
Titltmeter 37 unità
Vibrometers 27 unit
Optical Target 80 unit
Total Station 2 unit
Dataloggers 25 unit
Idro-gelogyc systems 5 unit
Monitored buildings 7

The monitoring system was designed and built to address the problem of controlling the possible repercussion that the construction of new buildings related to the redevelopment and arrangement of the Bisagno Torrent could have on existing buildings, in particular buildings, being urban .

In detail, critical work phases are identified that can have repercussions, more or less tolerable, on the current status of existing works:

  • construction of excavation support structures (bulkheads and tie rods);
  • realization of the technological tunnels;
  • demolition of existing structures;
  • realization of jet-grouting background works;
  • riverbed bottom excavation operations;
  • construction of the new structure to cover the stream.

In accordance with the provisions, the monitoring plan provides for the supply, installation and management of the geotechnical monitoring system, including an alert system for hydraulic risks associated with construction activities, relating to works related to functional recovery of the coverage in the terminal stretch of the Bisagno Torrent, with improved outflow conditions and the urbanistic and road reorganization of neighboring areas from via Canevari to the sea - 2nd lot - 3rd section in the city of Genoa

The instrumentation that will be used will be aimed at precise measurements or global measures; for punctual measurements we mean measures of specific parameters carried out in particular and significant points of the land or of the works, whose values ​​must be considered valid almost exclusively for the points where the instruments are mounted and therefore cannot be extended to areas or volumes greater than those covered by the individual instruments.For global measurements we mean the measurements performed with instruments that provide values ​​that represent the resultant of phenomena in progress and therefore indicate the response that this takes over time.

The connection of the acquirers to the information collection and disclosure system will be implemented by means of GPRS-type telephone modems which will transmit the data to a server that will provide for their dissemination on the network.

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