Arpa Lombardia

Project amount






Performed activities

Implementation of new monitoring sites and maintenance and adaptation of existing sites.

Main technical data
Monitored sites 20 new + 22 existing
GPS installed 20 units
Total robotic stations 4 units
Topographical aims 150 units
Inclinometer probes 50 units
Operational interventions 1215

ARMOGEO is the most important project for the monitoring of landslides, of this type never started so far at a national level and involves 15 municipalities and 8 mountain communities in the 6 provinces of Sondrio, Como, Lecco, Bergamo, Brescia and Pavia, bringing by 2018 to 42 the total number of networks managed by the Agency's Regional Geological Monitoring Center.

The project included a first phase of recognition of all the instruments that, from 2000 to 2013, had been managed directly by the Municipalities in an uneven manner. The survey led to a demanding work of reconstruction of previous data, not always available, and the identification of about thirty networks on which to carry out in-depth analysis.In order to develop a single integrated regional network, the Lombardy Region has allocated 4,500,000 euros, introducing - with art. 6 paragraphs 9 and 10 of the LR5 / 2013 amending the law establishing the Agency - the possibility for ARPA to acquire geological monitoring systems already existing in Lombardy and managed by other bodies.The busy program of ARMOGEO engaged the technicians of the CMG, alongside the RTI (temporary grouping of companies) to which they were entrusted with the works, until the end of 2018.

All monitoring networks in the various areas of instability will be able to send the data to the CMG operating room via at least two different transmission media (GPRS, Satellite, Radio) to guarantee constant data reception and, thanks to specific modeling, danger thresholds aimed at alarms will be identified in a total of 22 out of 42 areas.
Furthermore, the technological adaptation involves the use of high-level instrumentation, such as the DMS (already active in Val Genasca), ie an inclinometer column that continuously measures the displacements and the presence of water in the landslide slope, interferometry satellite, the continuous control of movements with data acquisition in near real time and, finally, the further efficiency of the dedicated IT system to guarantee 24 hour processing and data storage in total security.